Temptation In The Temple


They’re back, following the success of the Roman Romp in 2019.


A farcical adult comedy by K.R.S. Foster

The company that has created a cult following around the UK, with their unique brand of Adult Panto & Adult Comedies, visit us again with their sequel to ‘Roman Romp’, the farcical adult comedy…. TEMPTATION IN THE TEMPLE.

After the traditional sacrifice to the Goddess Vesta, the frustrated Frigella, once again, attempts to leave the Temple of Vestal Virgins for the sexually outrageous Temple of Venus. Aided by Glorious Clitoris, High Priestess of Venus, and behind the back of the priggish Virginia Creeper, another cunning plan is devised that surely cannot fail to succeed! And it wouldn’t, if it wasn’t for Frigella’s slow-minded fellow virgin Bimbus, who manages, un-wittingly, to turn the near perfect plan, into a farcical plot of confusion and mistaken identity. And adding potential spice to the plot, a man illegally enters the Temple…. So, for Frigella, this could all end in ‘satisfaction’ or, more likely, complete and utter disaster!

Don’t miss another hilarious evening of farcical confusion and outrageous innuendo…it may also contain mild audience participation!

This combination of Up Pompeii, Carry On traditions and Panto elements could hardly fail to raise a titter or two – far more than that actually as the girls had the audience in stitches throughout and rightly so.” – Choice Radio, Worcester (on the 2019 Roman Romp)

Tickets £18 (including booking fee)

Suitable for 16+


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