My Dog’s Got No Nose

Thursday 23 May 7.30pm

A full length one-man play by Ron Aldridge

Produced by Kick In The Head

Starring Giles Shenton   Directed by Simon Downing

Giles Shenton (Old Herbaceous) returns with a “thought provoking” and “cleverly constructed, wonderful piece of theatre” about a man preparing to fulfil his lifelong ambition to be a stand-up comedian, “…puts one in mind of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads”

You join the man as he prepares backstage for his first ever stand up comedy gig. Something he has waited over 30 years for. Find out how he got to this point in his life……but be warned……the man and the performance are not quite what they seem!

 “Giles Shenton held his audience’s attention for nearly two hours; their interest or curiosity in the first half and then to have them fully engrossed in the second before a shocked silence when you could hear a pin drop in the auditorium.” Alton Herald

“Being billed as a comedy, and the title it has, understates what is a wonderful piece of theatre…..but this one-man performance, brilliantly put over by Giles Shenton, is so much more than that as it all evolves in the second half…..The audience was privileged to be entertained, and have its emotions thoroughly massaged, by such a thought provoking and high quality production.” Beccles & Bungay Journal

“Giles Shenton gifts us with another tour de force…catch it while you can!” Surrey Advertiser

Tickets £15.50 (Including Booking Fee)

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