Much Ado About Falstaff


Kick in the Head Productions presents


Written & directed by Simon Downing

 With Giles Shenton (Old Herbaceous/Three Men in a Boat) as Falstaff

Suzanna Walters (Choice Grenfell) as Mistress Quickly

Kick In The Head follow up recent successes with Old Herbaceous, Fagin?, Three Men in a Boat and Choice Grenfell with a new play about Sir John Falstaff…a rogue, a philanderer and a glutton, but also one of Shakespeare’s greatest and most enduring comic creations. 

In this new play we find Falstaff in his bedroom in the Boar’s Head being nursed by Mistress Quickly. The creditors arrive demanding payment. Will Falstaff resort to marrying Mistress Quickly in order to pay off his debts? Will he turn teetotal? Will he mellow in his old age?

Find out the answers to all these important questions that Shakespeare never bothered to answer and join Falstaff for an evening of jollity, frivolity, a definite lack of co-equality and more Shakespearean insults than ever previously heard on a theatrical stage!

Tickets £16 (including booking fee)

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