Dad’s Army Radio Show


James Seabright presents

Dad’s Army Radio Show

Based on the classic BBC sitcom by Jimmy Perry and David Croft

Performed by David Benson and Jack Lane

Directed by Owen Lewis

Sound design by Tom Lishman

Two actors play 25 characters in this brilliant staging of three classic radio episodes based on favourite scripts from the original TV series.

Double Fringe First Award winner David Benson (star of Think No Evil Of Us: My Life With Kenneth Williams) and Jack Lane (Wisdom Of A Fool) return with another selection of classic radio episodes featuring favourite lines, cherished characters and great feats of vocal impersonation!

Celebrating 50 years of Perry and Croft’s quintessential sitcom, which won the Best One-Liner accolade in a poll of comedians conducted by Gold, with the immortal words “Don’t tell him, Pike”.

Featured Episodes: Mum’s Army, The Deadly Attachment and Round And Round Went The Great Big Wheel

‘Benson and Lane’s two-man Army are a comedy force to be reckoned with’  – Radio Times

Tickets £16 (Including Booking Fee)

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