Restaurant offers

Middlesbrough has an amazingly diverse range of restaurants, pubs, and bars, so why not take the chance to check some of them out before you see a show? With cuisines from across the world available in Middlesbrough, there’s bound to be something for everyone, whether old or young, fussy or adventurous!

And just when you thought a visit to the Theatre couldn’t get any better, we’ve partnered with some fantastic bars and restaurants to provide special offers which will give your night even more sparkle!

Print off the voucher and show it, along with your ticket, on the day of the performance, and enjoy exclusive discounts at:

Baker Street Kitchen

Bistrot Pierre

The Curing House





Mannequin Cafe

The Nuthatch

Peri Peri

Terms and conditions

The voucher must be accompanied by a show ticket. Vouchers alone are not accepted.
The voucher can only be used on the performance date stated on the show ticket.
The voucher must be printed off to be used.
Offers are not available on certain days – see the ticket for more details.
The voucher can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer.
At least one in two people in the party must have a ticket and voucher to take advantage of the offer.
Restaurant management has the right to refuse to accept any voucher.
A voucher doesn’t guarantee you a table at a restaurant (advanced booking is recommended).
Vouchers have no cash value.
Vouchers are the property of Middlesbrough Council and are not for resale.
Offers are subject to change at the discretion of restaurant management.