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Technical Information

View the Theatre technical specification


Proscenium width: 25’9” (7.86m)

Proscenium height: 14’0” (4.28m)

Depth of stage: 39’0” (11.12m)

Grid height: 25’5” (6.75m)

Wing width: 14’5” (4.4m)

Orchestra Pit: 25’9” x 8’8” accommodating approx. 20

Prompt Desk: Stage Left

Stage floor: Black hardboard, no rake.

Loading doors: Stage Right at 1’9” above road level (Ramp available)

Flying system

23 x 3 fall hemp sets

Fly floor Stage Left

All fly bars 12m long x 48mm O.D.

SWL 150kg each, evenly distributed.

Backstage Accommodation

Stage Left

Ground floor: Green Room

First floor: Manager’s office

Second floor: Dressing Room 2 (4 persons), Dressing Room 3 (10 persons)

Stage Right

Ground floor: Dressing Room 4 (10 persons)

First floor:  Dressing Room 5 (10 persons)

Second floor:Dressing Room 6 (10 persons)

There are hand basins in all dressing rooms and toilets next to each. Showers are on the first floor on both sides.

Dressing room 2 can be used as a company office and has a dedicated telephone line. Calls will be recharged to the visiting company. 

There is no Wi-Fi service in the theatre.

Laundry facilities, kettle, microwave, fridge and washing-up facilities are located in the Green Room.  Ironing boards & irons are available.

Please advise all your company members that all dressing room doors are fire doors and must not be propped open.

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not allowed anywhere in the building (including as part of a performance) or in the immediate vicinity of the building.

Alcohol is not allowed in any backstage area or in dressing rooms at any time.

Lighting and Sound control rooms, and follow spot positions, are located behind the rear circle.  

A rear-stalls position (not central) is available, with comms, 1 DMX line (our universe) and 2 Cat5 tie-lines to the stage, no sound tie lines.  Multicore run to this position is 25 metres.  Please advise when booking if this position is required so those seats can be taken off sale.

A Cat5 distribution board is situated Stage Left. This distribution board provides tie-lines to stage right, the Orchestra pit, FOH mixing position, Circle front position and in-house lighting and sound positions. 

Keys Fobs are available for unrestricted access between backstage and FOH and the lighting and sound control rooms.  These must be returned at the end of each performance, or the cost of replacements will be recharged to the visiting company.

The fire safety curtain is fully automatic, linked to the detection and alarm system.  Stage and auditorium detection can be isolated during performances to allow for use of smoke, haze and pyros. 


Control: ETC Ion with 2 x 20 Fader Wing and IPad Mini Remote via Router

Dimming: 96 channels of Zero88 Chilli Pro 3-phase dimming, on one DMX universe. (48 channels with Bypass switching)

All stage LX bars are 12 metre long, 48mm o.d. 12 circuit IWB’s, SWL 500kg.

Lanterns normally available:

  • 36 x Stand Patt743 1Kw
  • 6 x Strand Patt243 1Kw
  • 36 x Thomas Parcan 1Kw (CP62 only)
  • 4 x Strand Cantata 18/32 1.2Kw
  • 12 x Strand Coda Floods 1Kw
  • 6 x Short-Nose Floor can (CP62 only)
  • 14 x ETC Source Four 15/30 Zoom (On FOH Bar only)
  • 12 x Selecon Acclaim Axial 18/34 Zoom 
  • 8 x Selecon Acclaim Axial 22/44 Zoom 

(Please note Selecon profiles take a size M gobo only)

Stage Power

Stage right: 14 x 13A Sockets

Stage left: 16 x 13A Sockets

Prompt Corner:

  • 3 x 32A Single Phase
  • 1 x 63A Three Phase
  • 1 x 125A Three Phase

The supplies at prompt corner are RCD protected and are set to trip at 300mA.  Please note that the RCD WILL NOT be by-passed under any circumstances.


Control: Allen & Heath GL2400 32ch                                              

FOH speakers:

  • 2 x HK Audio L5 112FA
  • 2 x HK Audio L Sub2000A
  • 2 x  Nexo PS10 (as circle fill only) 

Stage monitors:

  • 4 x Martin Audio LE400
  • 2 x HK Audio Pro12M 800w


  • 6 x Channels Crown XLi2500
  • 2 x Channels Crown XLS602


  • 1 x Yamaha SPX 900
  • 1 x Sabine FBX 901 Feedback Exterminator
  • 2 x Behringer Multicom Pro XL 4 Way Compressors
  • 2 x Behringer Ultragraph Pro 31 band EQ
  • 2 x Rane ME30B 30 band EQ (FOH)

Playback: Tascam CD-400U CD/USB/Bluetooth

Microphones normally available:

  • 6 x Sennheiser E845
  • 4 x Shure SM 58
  • 2 x Shure SM 57
  • 3 x Audio Technica Pro 27 HE
  • 1 x Shure PG58
  • 2 x Crown PCC 160 Boundary
  • 1 x JTS NX2
  • 2 x Rode NT5
  • 1 x Shure PGDMK4 drum kit set 

No Radio Microphones (Hire prices available on request)

Mic inputs: 8 each side, rear of proscenium wall and 10 in orchestra pit. Various speaker tie lines onstage and in the auditorium.  Line level inputs on stage and orchestra pit


Show relay to all dressing rooms, Green Room, lighting and sound control rooms

Techpro beltpacks and headsets between stage desk, stage right, sound control room, lighting control room, fly floor, follow spots and rear of stalls.

Telephone lines between stage desk, box office, company office, manager’s office, sound control room, lighting control room, green room and bar.

Cue light system available, controlled from the Stage Desk to Stage Left, Right, Pit, Lighting & Sound.

A live camera feed from the front of the Circle, of the stage, is transmitted to monitors situated at the Stage Desk and the Green Room

Stock scenery and equipment

5 no. 40’ x 6’ Black wool serge borders for top masking

8 no. 16’ x 8’ Black wool serge flats for side masking.  Hard masking only, no legs are available

2 pairs 18’6″ drop x 20′ wide Black wool serge Tabs

Various adjustable braces and stage weights

Various straight and boom mic stands

20 no. RAT lit music stands

20 no. Black orchestra chairs

Additional equipment available to hire

Bechstein Grand piano

Broadwood Upright piano

1 x LDR Canto 1200MSR Follow Spots

20’ x 40’ Fibre optic Star Cloth

5 x Martin Mac500

20 x Chauvet LED SlimPar

Various sizes of Steeldeck and legs


Mirror Ball

Projector & Screens

UV cannons

Le Maitre pyro controller and pods